Pizza Endangerment

For years, the coveted last slice of pizza has been the cause of countless awkward situations and epic arguments that have turned even the closest friends into mortal enemies. So it goes without saying that destroying someone else's pie could lead to a deadly situation. This was the case at a Knoxville home last week.

According to a Knoxville Police report, the victim of a domestic dispute stated that after a routine argument became heated, she went into the kitchen to take out her aggression on a freshly made pizza—by chopping it repeatedly with a butcher knife. But the suspect was none-to-pleased by the pizza massacre and, after shouting at the victim to leave a slice unscathed, tried to wrangle the knife out of her marinara-covered hands. A struggle ensued, but luckily only the pizza received extensive damage.

Who knows what would have happened if breadsticks were involved...