A Piece of Bonnaroo Comes to Knoxville

From the files of the Knoxville Police Department

Summer is full of all sorts of festivities, but different events cater to audiences with contrasting ideas of a good time.

A Knoxville Police Department officer was flagged down at the fireworks show at the World's Fair Park this past July 4th. The victim, a woman somewhat advanced in age, reported a suspicious water bottle she had recently purchased at a barbecue food stand, along with a hot dog. While eating the hot dog, the woman took a sip of her drink and was shocked to find its contents were not water but alcohol. She returned to the food stand with the officer. The employees verified that she had purchased the bottle there but claimed to be unaware of its surprising contents. They checked the other bottles in the stand but only the one victim's bottle contained alcohol.

The employees told the officer and victim that the water bottles being sold at the Fourth of July festivities in Knoxville were left over from those that were sold at Bonnaroo the past month. This could explain much. In the meantime, Knoxvillians should be on the lookout for Alice B. Toklas brownies at Boomsday.

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