Party Hearty Dude Doesn't Take No For an Answer

It's great to have friends who care. It's a blessing to find those whose playful peer pressure can really rouse us out of our doldrums—friends who will visit us unexpectedly and make every effort to share an experience. Unfortunately, sometimes, these same beloved comrades won't take "no" for an answer. This can be especially annoying when a large appliance is involved.

According to a Knoxville Police Department report, officers responded to a complaint Thursday morning from a Knoxville resident who said an intoxicated friend had been outside his residence the previous night "yelling and screaming, and being a nuisance." His boozing buddy spent an agonizingly long time trying to persuade him to join what he touted to be a festive night ahead. The drunken serenade was ignored by the victim who opted to stay in for the rest of the evening. Upon awaking in the next morning, his inebriated nuisance was gone but quickly became a prime suspect when the complainant arrived at his car to find the windshield of his Ford Explorer crushed with old vacuum cleaner. Dude, not cool.