Overdue on Checking Out Renewables

Overdue on Checking Out Renewables

Tennessee could be doing a lot better job tapping the renewable resources in the state, says the "Renewable Energy in the South" policy brief released July 27 by the Southeast Energy Efficiency Alliance, which is based on findings from Duke and Georgia Tech researchers. The report compared our state's current consumption of renewable electric power to the renewable power we could potentially produce, and came up with these figures:

Tennessee Electric Power Consumption of Renewables as of 2008 (Trillion Btu)

Total electricity: 911

Renewable share: 6.2%

Renewable power: 56

Hydro: 56

Wind: 1

Tennessee Renewable Resource Potential

Hydro: 660

Wind: 62 (km2 of developable land)

Biomass, wood and waste (thousands tons/year): 6,440

Methane from waste (thousands tons/year) 300