Boat Safety Tips From Sea Tow Knoxville

Captain Walters and Sea Tow offer these suggestions to keep your time on the water safe and enjoyable.

• Stay aware of what's going around you and how close you are to other boats.

• Designate a captain—remember that DUI and BUI are the same thing in the eyes of the law.

• Use GPS or get the Sea Tow App for your phone to identify your exact location on the lake in case of a situation.

• Check your radio before you leave the dock.

• Practice engine safety—always check your in-board engine for gas fumes and use the blower before cranking it up.

• Make sure you have an adequate Fire Extinguisher for your boat and that you know to use it—remember PASS:

Pull the pin


Squeeze the Trigger

Sweep side to side

• Remember that you can go aground—know where the river channel is located.

• Stay familiar with navigational aids like channel markers and no-wake buoys.

• Use life jackets—nobody's a good swimmer if they're wounded or rendered unconscious during a boating accident.