October Sees Higher Than Average Rains

October didn't just seem sloggy and wet in Knoxville; statistics from the National Weather Service in Morristown confirm it. This much more rain than usual:

• 4.28 inches for the month, which was 1.63 inches above normal.

• The average Knoxville area rainfall in October 2008 was 1.40 inches, according to the city Stormwater Engineering Division rainfall collection data.

• The average rainfall in October 2007 was 1.17 inches.

• October 2009 was the 22nd wettest October on record, from weather service observation dating back to 1870

• Measurable rainfall occurred on 15 days, and eight of those days had more than one-quarter of an inch.

• The heaviest rain fell on the 14th when 0.76 inches was recorded.

• The wettest October since observations were begun 139 years ago was back in 1925— 9.51 inches of rain was recorded.

Source: National Weather Service in Morristown, Tenn. and Knoxville Stormwater Engineering Division