North Knoxville Joyride

Some retirees settle down for a life of puttering in the garden, solving jigsaw puzzles in the den, and writing irate letters to the editor. Others prefer bouncing around town in a pick-up truck with a young(er) hottie. And that is precisely how a 78-year-old Knoxville man was temporarily deprived of his 1997 Dodge Dakota.

Last Saturday, Knoxville police officers headed to North Knoxville in response to a domestic dispute call. When they arrived, however, they found the problem wasn't so much a domestic dispute as it was a stolen car. The elderly victim reported he had been riding in his own truck, letting a female acquaintance drive. He said the vivacious lady picked up an unidentified black male, and the two began smoking crack. The happy crew stopped the truck at an intersection, whereupon the truck's owner exited the vehicle to grab a drink. Then the woman drove off in his truck. So he called the cops.

A couple of hours later, KPD apprehended the woman and the stolen truck. The woman was Mirandized and copped to joyriding. She denied smoking any crack, though she was drinking vodka when officers pulled the truck over. The woman was cited for unauthorized use of a motor vehicle. Needless to say, a round of golf would have been a much better option for the senior fun-seeker.