Nine Wellness Centre Provides Care Through Counseling


3113 Gose Cove Lane | Knoxville, Tenn. | 865-531-9086 |

Pamela Nine Martinez, Ph.D., owner of Nine Wellness Centre in Knoxville, has been in the wellness profession for more than two decades. She is a spiritual intuitive, medium, counselor and teacher who specializes in holistic health care through spiritual intuitive counseling, grief counseling, and educational programs.

Counseling with Pamela is available in-person, by telephone and in groups. She counsels individuals, couples, adolescents, and teens. She also provides discreet counseling to businesses, athletes, and high-profile professionals. Educational programs for enhancing inner awareness are available through Pamela's Personal Spiritual Apprenticeship Program, Workshops and Online Courses. Missing children are also an area of personal significance for Pamela; she is very dedicated in providing assistance to law enforcement officials on all current and cold missing child cases she is contacted to work on.

Pamela has appeared on the Live at Five and Style television shows; numerous radio interview programs, including Horne Radio Network, Think Again Radio, BlogTalk Radio; and has been featured in Associated Press, Knoxville News Sentinel, Oak Ridger, Farragut Press, Metro Pulse, CityView and Bountiful Health publications. In 2002, Pamela received the "Extraordinary Woman" award from the Knoxville News Sentinel. In 2008, the Intuitive Showcase and Holistic Health Expo in Knoxville publicized Pamela as "One of the most gifted Psychics and Mediums in America."

Pamela was born in Knoxville and still lives here with her husband, Brian and her two "miracle" sons, Andrew and Nicholas. Her sons are the "miracles" predicted by Pamela's dear friend, Bobby Drinnon, years after medical doctors diagnosed her unable to have biological children. Pamela credits all of her gifts to the grace of God. "My work is very rewarding, and those led to me for guidance often discover a new understanding of the spiritual and divine gifts we have all been given, and the eternal life therein," she says.

At the age of 5, Pamela discovered (like her maternal grandmother) that she, too, was gifted with extraordinary psychic and intuitive abilities. Fascinated by the intense colors she saw around people (known as auras), she over time began to associate the colors with personality traits and health-related issues. She also receives psychic and intuitive information through feelings, visions, and dreams. She uses her unique abilities to help others by sharing insightful information that relates to past, present, and future experiences. Her gifts enable her to bridge the barrier between Heaven and Earth to communicate messages of love and hope from souls who have crossed into the spirit world. She says, "It is such a blessing to be able to bring peace and comfort to grieving families who are enduring one of the hardest lessons of their life journey, the loss of a loved one."