The Rumblytums Show is Probably Going to Be Really Good

Metro Pulse art director Travis Gray goes rogue and gets a story about himself out to the public

So what's the deal with Can You Hold This For Me? on FRIDAY, JAN. 2, AT THE BIRDHOUSE!!!!?????

It's an art show by Eric Lee, who makes some great collages like those you may have seen around town on Double Muslims show posters. As part of the show, he picked three local musicians who represent "all sides of his brain," to play while people gawk at the artwork.

Eric tells me he enjoys making artwork much more than playing music and he didn't want to play music at his own art show. I personally think his art is among the best in town, which is why I'm excited to be a part of the show.

Julia Hungerford and Will Fist are also playing. Which hasn't happened in Knoxville for a long time, since Julia moved to California.

And what's the artwork like?

Bewitching collages featuring dead-eyed brides and cultish J. Crew models, transformed to reveal the manifestations of their real souls. It's beautiful.

What is your show like?

I pre-make the videos and music and burn them to a DVD which is projected behind me, and I sing and perform along.

That sounds like cheating!

Yes, it does! I've done band performances, and while it's fun, my schedule really prohibits me from being able to set aside practice time. I can, however, huddle around my laptop at 2 a.m. imagining I'm a rock star and put things together that I force a roomful of people to listen to later. When I was in this band called Demonicle, we came up with this idea to just pre-record everything so that we could concentrate on entertaining the audience. At first we suspected it was cheating, but we saw a lot of other bands doing it, so why not us? If it looks like it's cheating, it must be hip! Demonicle broke up, though, because I started working at this local alt-weekly that really demands too much of my attention and now everything I do has to be solo. Yes, sadly, everything.

What are the songs like?

Some of the songs are very serious, like how you can get caught up watching a beautiful snowfall and then realize you've caught hypothermia and will soon die. People cry during that song, and it's very touching and I comfort them.

I also have songs that are more lighthearted.

Like what?

Squaredancing, people who piss me off but are endearing in their own special way, past relationships... I mean, what else do people sing about?

Is your song Beard Contest about Bears?


What's your music sound like?

Mostly poppy. Eventually I hope to make a children's TV show that adults will actually like. I can't really describe the music very well, but I'm not a writer. If someone would actually write a story about me, I wouldn't have to resort to these tactics.

Is there anything else you want to say, since you could potentially be fired for hijacking this page for your own purposes?

SCRIPPS IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!