Checking in With Christopher Scum

Over two years have passed since the completion of Rebel Scum's filming. In that time the Dirty Works have narrowed their ranks to a trio, Scum assuming bass duties as well as vocals. The band has completed its second album, Get Wrecked, which will be released by Stickman Records later this winter. Waiting for the film's eventual release has been a trying process for Scum, who says that he rarely mentions it anymore.

On privacy issues and the film: "Bottom line, I'd do it again. I'll watch that movie and I hate myself. But I hate myself anyway. I don't even know how to put it into words. Just imagine if someone followed you around with a movie camera for two years. There are some things that you wouldn't like about yourself that you didn't even know you didn't like about yourself, you know?"

On delays: "I never gave up on its being released, but it's definitely not been on the front burner in my mind lately. I've been off doing other things."

On regrets: "When the movie was made I was all bloated up, the fattest I've ever been in my life. I was bashing my face in onstage, which I no longer do—well, not so much. But I was self-destructive in that way before I even heard of GG Allin. I was jumping headfirst into Dumpsters and cutting myself up with broken glass, and I still enjoy that; it's such a release to me. Now I'm afraid that movie is gonna get comparisons to GG. I'd hate to think that I'll have a negative influence on kids. But if you look at my life and the direction I've taken, it would be negative. I wouldn't change a damn thing about it. But I wouldn't suggest it for anyone else, no way."

On happiness: "I'll give you a straight answer—I'm not happy. I'm f--king miserable. I've just never found contentment in anything. There's always just a million conversations going on in my brain and I can't stop them. It's just way too cluttered up there."

On Christopher Scum vs. Chris Andrews: "Man, I buried Chris Andrews around 1992. I don't even know that guy anymore. I don't have a persona; Christopher Scum is who I am."