Murphy's Law

In which the one time you invite your ex-girlfriend to "go ahead and do" something violent is the one time that she actually does it.

An east Knoxville man, standing next to his car, summoned a KPD officer to say that he had been the victim of a fury which hell hath not. According to the report, he and his child's mother were outside arguing when she became uncontrollably angry. "Next time I see you on the street, I'm going to run you over," she said. "Go ahead and do it," he replied. So she did, right then, apparently forgetting that she said she wasn't going to do it until the next time they saw each other. Or, at least she tried. Fortunately for his body and her very reasonable sense of disliking prison, he ducked out of the way. Unfortunately, though, his Nissan did not make it out unscathed.

Merri Shaffer contributed to this report.