"Mother of the Year" Nominee Disappoints

Earlier this month, Knoxville Police Department officers were dispatched to a downtown-area residential block after receiving report of a woman selling crack cocaine from behind a baby stroller at approximately 3 p.m., within 1,000 feet of a local middle school.

Officers arrived on the scene to find the woman in a lawn chair beside her 7-month-old child. Upon request, the suspect retrieved her identification from a car parked nearby—but continued down the street, stroller in tow, ignoring the officers' instructions to stop. A chase ensued, with both sidewalk entrepreneur and officers leaving the stroller, complete with defenseless infant, unattended in the street.

Police followed the suspect into a nearby apartment building (baby still alone in the street), where she was observed attempting to dispose of three large rocks of crack cocaine (baby still alone in the street). The defendant struggled with police for several minutes before an arrest was made. Canine units discovered drug paraphernalia in the car. According to the KPD report, the suspect was charged with drug possession, destroying evidence, and resisting arrest. No mention of negligence charges is made in the report. Interested parties should stay tuned for more information on how to most effectively do irreparable damage to future generations.