A Model Thief

From the files of the Knoxville Police Department

Movies like Gone in 60 Seconds make stealing cars seem like an exhilarating pastime involving beautiful women, priceless automobiles, and speed. Knoxville's underground world of auto theft happens on a slightly smaller scale, and it's only slightly less dramatic. Or, in this case, a lot less.

The Knoxville Police Department received a call on May 7, around midnight, in regard to a burglary. The complainant claimed that his next-door neighbor at the Red Carpet Inn had come over at around 10:30 p.m. asking for some coffee. The victim went to get the coffee, leaving the suspect alone in the living room momentarily. The suspect allegedly said, "That's all right, I don't need it," and left in a hurry. Shortly after the neighbor left, the victim noticed that his 1955 Cadillac model car was missing. The victim filed a report and intends to press charges.

The suspect appears to have a good tactic here: Start small and learn the basics with model cars, then work up to something a bit more impressive. Perhaps a Power Wheels is next? Unfortunately, the coffee bait-and-switch probably won't work beyond model car theft.