Meet Your Zoning Labyrinth: Flenniken Building

You may have heard about Flenniken, the former elementary school where the office of the Ten-Year Plan to End Chronic Homelessness is attempting to build 48 units of permanent supportive housing. What you may not know is that, while funds have been lined up, schematics are being generated, and an opening date of sometime next year is being bandied about, the real estate transaction isn't yet a done deal.

Why it's not a done deal requires recounting an incredibly convoluted process, but here goes: To get Flenniken approved for permanent supportive housing required a use on review application, a special type of zoning permission from the Metropolitan Planning Commission. When the developer, Southeastern Housing Foundation, wrote the application, it included a provision that a parking variance would be requested to allow for fewer than the 58 spaces required by code. City Council approved the use on review application, and the board of zoning appeals approved the variance request. However, Ron Peabody, who leads a group opposed to the Ten-Year Plan, appealed the BZA's decision on behalf of a nearby resident of Flenniken, and when the developer spoke with residents, who?it was determined they wanted the full 58 spaces, so Southeastern Housing rescinded the variance request. Additionally, the developer decided the building would require a two-story addition rather than a one-story addition. MPC determined these to be substantive changes that needed new approval. .

The meeting takes place next Thursday, Aug. 12, at 1:30 in the main assembly room of the City County building. God help us all.