Meet Your Ridgetop Protection (Again!)

The months-long battle over the proposed Hillside and Ridgetop Protection Plan enters a new arena next week, in a joint city-county workshop at 5 p.m. on Thursday, June 9. Members of County Commission and City Council will meet in the Small Assembly Room of the City-County Building to try to find some way forward on the stalled effort to set guidelines for developing Knox's steep and scenic properties.

You may recall that the plan was the product of a nearly three-year effort by a task force appointed by the city and county under previous administrations. And that it was overwhelmingly approved by the Metropolitan Planning Commission in December. And that after a sometimes hysterical outcry from developers and the Chamber, County Commission voted the plan down in a 6-5 split. So far, City Council seems more amenable to the proposal. Council could just go ahead and approve the plan's guidelines for use within city limits, but first they have agreed to this sitdown with Commission to talk about possible compromises.