Meet Sen. Bob Corker

Looking to capitalize on Republican post-election momentum, Sen. Bob Corker is making the rounds of the state for a series of town hall meetings. His local stop will be at 8:30 a.m. on Thursday, Nov. 11, at Pellissippi State Community College, 10915 Hardin Valley Road.

Corker will give a presentation on the federal budget and make a pitch for freezing spending at 2008 levels. He will also answer questions from the audience. According to his senatorial website, "In a sobering slide presentation, Corker uses charts and graphs to illustrate Washington's spending trends and mounting debt." Charts and graphs! That's practically multi-media right there. And if the phrase "sobering slide presentation" has you on the edge of your seat and you just can't wait, you can find a link to the whole thing right at

But if you prefer your senators live and up close, the event will be at Pellissippi's Clayton Performing Arts Center. Doors open at 8.