Marijuana Grower Shows Pride in Accomplishments

Even when faced with the possibility of a lengthy prison sentence, one local agriculturalist could not resist sharing his enthusiasm for his incarceration-worthy accomplishments.

According to a Knoxville Police Department report, officers recently visited a West Knoxville residence based on the suspicion that it housed a marijuana-growing operation. After approaching the owner of the residence, an officer noticed the distinct aromatic scent of pot wafting throughout the property, as well as a marijuana leaf lying on the ground within plain view.

When questioned, the suspect neither fled nor pleaded for leniency. Instead, he gave police a guided tour.

After excitedly telling officers that "they would be shocked" when they saw his "perfectly cloned" crops, he proudly showed them the nearly 93 plants, "Pro-Grow" lights, digital scales, and vacuum-sealed bags... right before he was taken into custody.