Make Your Own Health-Care Reform Meeting

The debate over health-care reform—one that we've been needing to have in this country for the last half-century—has turned stupid. The stupidest, actually, because as of last week, all sides are employing the Internettiest of logical fallacies—"reductio ad Hitlerum" or "playing the Nazi card"—to wage it. Still, it is important, and it would be nice if any of our Congressional leaders, now in recess and back home, were planning any public meetings in the Knoxville Metropolitan area. As of this writing, they are not. But, you can go to them, or at least their local offices, anytime you want. The Democratic National Committee's Organizing for America project has unveiled a handy tool that allows you to find your Senator or Representative's closest office, listing the phone number and office hours. Then, you can just call up and make an appointment to voice your opinion. Just visit