A Little Good Knox Housing News

Our much admired local real estate agent/blogger, Suzy Trotta, who writes allaroundktown.com, wrangled figures from the latest Knoxville Home Sales Report, and found a tad of good news in there—and a bit more not-so-great news, and some outright bad news. Here's a sample of what she found:

Good News

Median sales price for 2 or fewer BR homes stayed the same.

Oct. '09: $75,000

Oct. '10: $75,000

Average sales price for 4+ BR homes is (way) up.

Oct. '09: $264,700

Oct. '10: $297,300

Not-So-Good News

Total number of single family units sold is (way, way) down.

Oct. '09: 1,026

Oct. '10: 721

Average sales price for 2 or less BR homes is (way) down.

Oct. '09: $97,500

Oct. '10: $90,900

"Things Are Tough All Over Pony Boy" News

Conventional loans were once again way down.

Oct. '09: 423

Oct. '10: 321

And so were FHA loans…

Oct. '09: 299

Oct. '10: 129

Source: allaroundktown.com by Suzy Trotta