Knoxvillians Better Read Than Portlandians?

We personally will take Knoxville over Portland, Ore. any day, because we enjoy this thing called sunshine. However, it's hard not to sometimes envy their somewhat deserved smugness—awesome bands, great public transportation, and wonderful food and wine and coffee.

Well, it turns out that Knoxville doesn't just top Portland in the number of sunny days per year. We are also a better-read city than Portland! And if that's not something to feel smug about, we don't know what is. In fact, Knoxville is supposedly the 11th best-read city in America, ahead of Orlando, Pittsburgh, Atlanta, Cincinnati, and St. Louis, with Cambridge, Mass. in first.

Of course, this information is courtesy of Amazon, so it's not exactly that Knoxville is better-read than any of these places, it's that our residents order more books online. You'll note there are a number of college towns with large state schools in the list—Berkeley, Boulder, Ann Arbor, Columbia, S.C.—so we suspect the stats might be juked from the number of students ordering their textbooks online to save money.

Still, though: Knoxville—Knoxville—is better-read than Portland. It feels good, doesn't it? Just pretend you didn't also see that Gainesville, Fla., is number eight on the list, better-read than Seattle even. Because we all know there's no way that's true.

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