Portfolio.com Says Knoxville's No Fun

You might think that Knoxville these days is a sort of fun place to be, what with its festivals and its Vestivals and its Kathy Griffin concerts and such. But you'd be wrong, at least according to Portfolio.com. The online business magazine ranked America's 100 largest metropolitan areas on something they call a "Fun Index"—because who knows more about fun than an online business magazine? Knoxville finished 83rd, just behind San Antonio and ahead of Baton Rouge.

Here are the seven categories Portfolio evaluated, and Knoxville's rank in each:

• Shopping ("Retail trade establishments"): 24th

• Culture ("Performing arts companies, museums and historical sites"): 40th

• Low-Impact Sports ("Golf courses and country clubs, marinas and bowling centers"): 68th

• Popular entertainment (movie theaters, sports arenas, amusement parks): 79th

• Food and Drink ("Full-service restaurants and drinking places"): 82nd

• High-Impact Sports ("Skiing facilities, fitness centers and recreational sports centers"): 90th

• Gambling: 92nd

Honestly, we're not qualified to say whether Knoxville is really a worse eat-and-drink town than, say, Sacramento (48th overall), or whether there are really that many more golf courses and bowling alleys in Boise (73rd). But on the gambling front, we think casting a ballot in Knox County elections should boost our ranking considerably.