knoxville + zombies = 106,000 hits

If you were in a zombie apocalypse what would be your plan of action?

objective one: secure some damn sturdy transportation, such as a mack truck or two, and anyone I deem important who hasn't been turned into a brain eating zombie, and an olympic track runner if we're going off of new dawn of the dead

objective two: grab as many weapons, caches of ammo, piles of cash and canned goods on the way to Knoxville (I live in something called lafollette, it's too small to be a city) and hold up inside the malls to figure out where the best place to go for objective 3 would be.

objective three: go to the nearest and best equipped airport and after having had enough fun mowing down zombies, board a plane and evacuate Tennessee, preferably heading south to the furthest southern airport to refuel and resupply, and onward to the caribbean

objective 3 1/2: given the fairly likely possibility that no one i know knows how to drive a plane, use a boat and hug the coastline until getting close enough to get to cuba.

objective four: overtake the island, and enjoy the new world!

—whiteblood,, Sept. 2, 2009