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Homemade White Lightning

berrde (northcentral, pa): Hi, Anyone have a recipe and method to make homemade white lighting, I don't want to go blind or anything just a good source for a good drink once in awhile. Thanks

Big ugly (Knoxville Tennessee): Now I have consumed enough Home grown whiskey to float a river barge, I even know how to make it. But as far as giving up ones recipe for good ole white lightning I believe the best awnser to that is. YOUR CHEESE SLID OF YOUR CRACKER MAN! As stated here you need to make a "still" and then kinda of explore from there. My advise to you though is a nice mixture of corn and taters with a bit of honey. But I will not go into any more detail then that. If I do variouse members of my family will see fit to forfit my life expectacncy past gettin old., April 20, 2010