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"Slow Down, Music Fans, for Singular Visionaries"

"Last weekend Ashley Capps, the organizer of Bonnaroo, put on the first edition of a major new three-day festival in Knoxville, where he bases his production business. The festival is held at theaters, clubs, restaurants and other places throughout the city, including the main art museum. He called it Big Ears, and programmed it with performers like Philip Glass, Antony and the Johnsons, Jon Hassell, the Necks and Fennesz....

"The first night's music went heavy on drones: Fennesz with his guitar and digital hum, C. Spenser Yeh of Burning Star Core with his violin and electronics, Mr. Hassell with his long trumpet tones. Matthew Everett, the arts editor of Metro Pulse, Knoxville's alternative weekly, told me later that he couldn't remember hearing any drums all night. I did, but I had to hunt for them, down at the Pilot Light, a small club on West Jackson Avenue, where the Shaking Ray Levis, a free-improvisation duo from Chattanooga, played."

Ben Ratliff,, Feb. 9, 2009