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Vacation time!

In South Knoxville, we stopped at a very good store called Comic Exchange, where I found a very good condition Bob Hope comic from '66 in their cheap bin, and a heavy-discounted copy of The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers omnibus. The shop is frankly too good for its location, a dying little old strip anchored on one side by a long-abandoned hotel called the Parkway.

Now, the day had been pretty wonderful already, but the neatest thing happened next. I'd Googled up Comic Exchange's location, along with directions how to get there from Pigeon Forge. I am also familiar with how to get to Book Eddy, a spectacular used bookstore near the campus, on the other side of the river from Neyland Stadium, but simply didn't know, all the times I'd been, that it's the same street. So I was very pleasantly surprised when the road opened up and I recognized where I was, approached from the other direction. I was very good at Book Eddy, Marie less so. Seriously, lovers of old books, you need to make Knoxville a destination city.

—The Hipster Dad,, Dec. 1, 2008