knoxville + upset fans = 1,180,000 hits

I know it looks bad like he's ditching good ol Tennessee for the bright lights in LA, but he just did you guys a huge favor. Look, I'm a UCLA fan and will be the first to admit that the Bruins have been bad to mediocre for a while now. Well, last year's mediocre at best Bruin team went into Knoxville and beat a much better Vols team.... UCLA was not the better team, but they won the game because of BAD coaching. Let me say this again, UCLA beat Tennessee IN KNOXVILLE and you guys are mad that he's leaving!? What Lane did for you guys yesterday was erase a mistake that your AD made. Who knows how Lane will do at SC (the Pete Carroll hiring was unpopular at first), maybe he is a coaching wunderkind and will lead SC into a new era of football dominance, but I doubt it. If I'm wrong I'll be the first to admit it, but the USC fans jumping for joy over this are lying to themselves. If the shoe was on the other foot and it was UCLA hiring Lane Kiffin, Trojan fans would be laughing at us and they know it. Rejoice Vols!

—echopark1945, message board, Jan. 13, 2010