Knoxville + Throngs = 224,000 Results

Knoxville, Tennessee

Friends: I arrived in Knoxville early this afternoon amongst throngs of orange clad football fans flocking to Neyland Stadium for Tennessee's game against the University of Alabama at Birmingham, the lesser of the Alabamas. I hadn't seen so much orange since this past July when I was in Holland during the World Cup.

There was a much greater variety of orange jerseys here and quite a variety too of woman's wear—skirts and what not. Cars had been passing me all day with window flags and cars plastered with orange T's. The T was prominently splattered on clothing as well. As I circled the stadium, I was offered tickets by a handful of scalpers. I lingered for a spell at the main entrance hoping someone might offer me a ticket for free, as I can count on at Wrigley Field, but no such luck.

Charity car washes are a popular item in Knoxville. Once I crossed the city line, I passed at least half a dozen organizations offering a wash—service organizations and athletic teams, including a girls' rugby team. Most had women in scanty outfits trying to attract attention.

—George Christensen,, Sept. 25, 2010