Knoxville + Sneezing = 65,900 Returns

Allergies and Me

It all started back in Ohio.

I remember some problems with allergies in middle school, but it was not until high school that the full brunt of my reactions to pollen would truly reach epic levels. I would wake up sneezing, with eyes all puffy and red. Several teachers and administrators would look at me with their judgmental eyes, fully convinced that I was basically spending all my free time after school smoking it up. But they were wrong, it was the ragweed, tree pollen, and every other particle in the air (besides oxygen) that was causing me so much misery.

Wherever I moved, the allergies would follow. Either that or I would find new ones to inhabit my sinuses. Springtime in the South gave me just as many problems as springtime up in Yankeedom, and as the winter thawed and the flowers began to bloom I would head over to the pharmacy to load myself up with antihistamines and eye drops. I still believe that Knoxville did the most damage over all, as I basically had to remain sedated on allergy medication for almost the entire 3 years that I lived there.

—Take Heed of the Western Wind, April 12, 2010