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Home ice happiness and Knoxville blueness

... But in Knoxville, we also had some quite sad news. Of slightly lesser import, the legendary Regas' steakhouse, whose huge neon sign has been a feature of the Old Town skyline for ages, is closing in a couple of weeks after an amazing 91-year run. That is a shame to see them go, but they deserve a round of applause for such a spectacular, long life. When we read this in Metro Pulse, Marie very generously suggested tabling her favorite pizza so that I could get a chance to have a meal there, but I believe that they are only open for supper, and we were on a very tightly-enforced budget to avoid me doing dumb things like buying three hundred dollars' worth of The Amazing World of DC Comics. And to avoid breaking the bank at the Book Eddy, our favorite used bookstore.

Which is also closing.

If you missed out on The Book Eddy, and you love antiquarian books, you really missed out on this place. It's like somebody took the best public library in the country in 1979 and preserved it in amber, and only added the best treasures published since to their stacks. [Ed. Note: It's reopened as Central Street Books, 842 N. Central St.]

—hipsterdad,, Dec. 19, 2010