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Awesome UFO Light Show in Knox County Tennessee

Yesterday (02-10-09) shortly after dark in a rural area in Knox County near Knoxville, Tennessee, a mother and her three young children were returning home. They had just stopped at their mailbox at the entrance to their 1/2 mile long gravel driveway leading up to their house. The mother said it was then that they noticed some extremely bright lights at the far end of the field that stretches out to the left of their house.

The mother said this thing lit up the field as bright as a baseball diamond. She then noticed it was triangular-shaped. It had three white lights on the corners and a really huge red light underneath it in the center. This description of the arrangement and color of the lights is typical of many of the sightings of the mysterious triangles that have been appearing with such frequency in recent years....

After so dramatically calling attention to itself, it began to move in a circular path till it arrived at the opposite end of their driveway. They watched it for about 45 seconds, long enough so that the alert mother got off a few photo shots of it with her cell-phone camera.

—Eddie Middleton, Nashville UFO Examiner, Feb. 11, 2009,