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Knoxville's Market Square Shows Pedestrian-Only Spaces Can Work, Too

Having visited the square recently, I can attest to the success Knoxville has had in rejuvenating the space for modern needs. Though Market Square is not in itself particularly remarkable, it is an active environment. On Friday night, it was packed with people sitting at the outdoor cafes ringing the central area, where a grassy lawn and a performance stage enliven things....

Knoxville has not accomplished the extraordinary with its square, but the sad truth is that most cities of its size lack similar places in which people can congregate outside of the local shopping center. So it's worth asking why this Tennessee city was able to prevent the downfall of its downtown mall whereas other cities like Raleigh felt obligated to replace their pedestrian-only zones with regular streets.

—Yonah Freemark,, Aug. 11, 2010