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Parking Meters

So I already posted my photographs from First Friday but while I was there with three of my best friends I realized that I had gotten used to the idea of the parking meter. I was leading everyone down the sidewalk towards the old city when Ashley stopped the group to admire a parking meter. She was really excited about it. Ashley was all "This is a parking meter!" and I was all "Correct!" Then I realized that this time two years ago I was really excited to see them too.

I would see a parking meter and become overly excited. Obviously this was a good parking place, you had to pay for it. PLUS the idea of the meter itself was so cool. To think that they had made something like that just in order to take change in order for you to park there. It was an incredible amount of awesome.

Now I see parking meters for the thinly veiled evil that they truly are. They just seem awesome if you've never seen one before, but they really exist to make your life difficult when the garage is down.

—FromBrittanyWithInk,, Dec. 10, 2010