knoxville + new moon = 310,000 hits

And the clouds parted, and light shone down from the sky and it was announced—New Moon is set to premiere in Knoxville, Tenn!

The road from Baltimore to Knoxville is an easy 8 1/2 hour drive—we could do it in our sleep (we probably will on the way back). Hotels in Knoxville seem to be far more reasonable than Dallas—I guess if you're not going to the New Moon premiere—what else are you heading to Knoxville for?

We'll have to come up with an eight hour long play list—Muse, Vampire Weekend, Blue October, Muse, Arcade Fire, more Muse—Twilight road snacks (no irritable grizzly for us)—so, who cares if Summer Vacation comes in November?

—, "Twilight: Reverting grown women into teenage girls since 2005," July 8, 2009