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Knoxville Marathon: One Blogger's Race Report

Random thoughts from a weekend spent wandering, expo'ing, running, and more in Knoxville, Tennessee, where I ran yesterday's Knoxville Marathon:

* At Saturday's expo: For no discernible reason, a lanky guy wearing a skintight red costume — including a sort of rooster's comb (?) — wandered the floor, posing for photos with various people. Never said a word. Perhaps because the costume covered everything, including his face. "Dude," I told him, "you are both fascinating and a little creepy." He nodded, shook my hand, and trotted away.

* It wasn't that far into the race (and so I wasn't even that tired) when I momentarily hallucinated, glancing up and seeing a restaurant sign that I could have sworn read:



(Actual name: Guthrie's Golden Fried Chicken Fingers. I sort of prefer the profane version, don't you?)

Oh yeah, and: The Knoxville Marathon is a cool race. I ran 3:31, which was a bit faster than I'd wanted, since I was doing the race as a final, long training run before Boston. Nice course, but lots of hills.

—Mark Remy,, March 29, 2010