knoxville + lots of beer = 192,000 hits

Rocky Top Bonspiel - Knoxville TN


Finally made it to the Rocky Top Bonspiel after hearing how much fun it was for the last 3-4 years. And I must say flying into Knoxville TN is one of the most beautiful countrysides I have ever seen! Green rolling hillsides with a many a huge house at one end of the property, and pastures and green green green untouched land, simply beautiful...

...We lost game 3 to some nice folks from Milton Ontario, so we were OUT! Time to head to the chow down at the Yacht Club on the river. Lots of beer, silent auction, lots of stuff, GREAT RIBS ! and did I mention lots of beer...just making sure...

...The Rocky Top is a good bonspiel, well worth your time and money, and they have unlimited beer! Did I mention that ?

—Dan, Dans Curling Bonspiel Blog,, June 16, 2009