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Centaur of Volos

All centaur-lovers with a honeymoon or a sabbatical coming up should buy a ticket to Knoxville, Tennessee and visit the second floor of the Hodges Library at the University there. Still encased in the Greek mud, in which it sank almost two thousand five hundred years ago, is a centaur, the only one you will find on display anywhere in the world. Poignantly a bronze arrowhead was extracted from its ribcage by careful trowels.

Beachcombing would like to take those dry-as-dust doubters that populate our academies and rub their wretched noses in this proof of the noblest beast of antiquity, derided for too many centuries as legend. Look back at books on classical mythology from a generation ago and you will find ‘explanations' for the centaur—Robert Graves to his eternal shame was one—claiming that centaurs were ‘attempts by frightened Greeks to make sense of their first glimpses of warriors on horseback'.

—Beachcombing's Bizarre History Blog,, Sept. 5, 2010