Knoxville Kleptogeography

From the files of the Knoxville Police Department

According to a Knoxville Police report, a recent shopper at Kroger accidentally dropped her debit card on the way out of the store. She later discovered that a delinquent had found the item and immediately begun using it, making no fewer than 11 separate purchases before the card could be cancelled. The diffusion of those purchases across the Knoxville landscape is as follows:

1. Kroger, 4414 Asheville Hwy.: $1.39 (site of incident)

2. & 3. Kenjo, 4315 Rutledge Pike: $10 and $12.75

4. Shell, 5412 Asheville Hwy.: $1

5. Holston Tobacco, 4201 Asheville Hwy.: $93

6. Dollar General, 4112 Asheville Hwy.: $39.82

7. Holston Tobacco, 4201 Asheville Hwy.: $141.15

8. Citi Trends, 4212 Asheville Hwy.: $170.27

9. Shell, 5421 Asheville Hwy.: $1

10. Kroger, 4414 Asheville Hwy.: $85.25

11. Dollar General, 4112 Asheville Hwy.: $18.03

Total Estimated Loss: $572.99

Total Estimated Travel: ~ 10-11 miles

Total Estimated Number of U-Turns: 8

Shape of Path: Ursula Minor (heavy handle, light bowl)

We conclude that if one's debit card is stolen in the course of personal shopping, someone is probably buying gasoline, beer, cigarettes, plastic parachute men, and discount panty hose just down the street.