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Here's this news gal's take on snow fall and the hysteria that surrounds it in Knoxville, Tennessee. (Please note, this is tongue-in-cheek.)

It starts like this:

JD - Hi. I'm meteorologist Jane Doe and we may have a few flurries on Friday.

MJ - Myrtle, she just said it is going to snow!

MJ - Marvin, we don't have any extra gallons of milk. We need to get to the store!!

MJ - Myrtle, we better go NOW before things get too bad out there.

Grocery store owners see dollar signs and rearrange stores so that the shovels, de-icer, bottles of water, generators, logs, batteries, flashlights, rope, toilet paper, milk, bread and eggs are all front and center. I wonder if some even take half of the gallons of milk off the shelves to spur anxiety over the fear of "NO MILK!?!?!?"

—Denae D'Arcy,, Jan. 10, 2011