knoxville + horrible comments = 161,000 hits

Horrible rumor coming out of Knoxville...

NationofVols: An Adidas rep apparently slipped up and it looks like Tennessee will be wearing black jerseys against South Carolina on Halloween night. God I hope it isn't true.

I'm sure it won't look terrible and I get it with it being Halloween, the whole orange and black theme for the holiday and what not, but it just isn't one of our colors and they may as well change the helmets the next time. Ugh...

WCF615: Great meeting w 300 seniors tonight. Discussion about TN Fund, seating, future opponents, restrooms, black jerseys (no), football excitement

Mike Hamilton [told] the students at the meeting that the issue with black jerseys was dead, he would not authorize them at any time. They had gotten a TON of negative feedback from fans and donors when the rumors first started this summer.

NationofVols: I've seen that and Mike Hamilton managed to hire our coach without anyone finding out so I'm sure he can keep this a secret also.

—EA Sports Forums,, Oct. 10-12, 2009