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The Three Amigo's--A Kind Of Short Story

After exchanging a few trivial pleasantries, Hoyt informed me that he needed my help and asked if I wanted to accompany him to a gun show in Knoxville, Tennessee the following morning. ....

By the time we got to the gun show we were quite late. The convention center was full and all the dealers had their merchandise on display. I mean, anything from small caliber hand guns to high powered rifles, shot guns, and assault weapons, were out in the open for all and God to see.

Hoyt and I were swarmed by potential customers as soon as we began to pull our overloaded cart though the center to our assigned sales area. I am not joking when I say overloaded. We had many pounds of ammunition on this cart as well as quite a few guns. In fact, Hoyt had so much stuff to sell that it took a while to get set up. Not only did he have guns and ammo but all kinds of hunting gear and equipment as well. There were certainly plenty of buyers.

And you know, I had no idea who these potential buyers were. They could have been KKK, under cover ATF agents, professional hunters, or all of the above for all I knew...

—David Daugherty,, Nov. 1, 2010