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Knoxville's Pro Life, Pro Family, Pro God Monument

When we were on Market Square in Knoxville last week, we were stunned but pleased to see that the City of Knoxville had put up a monument to the pro-life position. It wasn't just pro-life, it was pro-family and pro-God. It was awesome!

In fact, the pro-life monument has been there since 2006, but we enjoyed pretending that the City of Knoxville put it up just to endorse our message.

You all know about the pro-life convictions of Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton. Perhaps we could add Lizzie Crozier French (1851-1926) to that list. She was the founder of the Knoxville Equal Suffrage Association. She wrote these words that appeared on the monument:

"Thanks be to God that in giving Woman the crown of motherhood He made her the giver not the taker of life. Woman has no greater claim to the rights of the ballot than that she is the producer not a destroyer of life.", July 21, 2010