Knoxville + Genocide = 47,500 Results

Genocide Pro Wrestling

We are Genocide Pro Wrestling a wrestling outfit that runs from Harrogate Tn through Knoxville Tn and where ever else we want. We are at this point in time making our come back after a long 2yr hiatus do to financial problems, we hope to be fully up and running in the coming months so stay tuned and keep your eyes peeled we are coming back! With the great news of the come back there is some bad news. GPW will no longer be running a training camp we will ask that all talent have prior wrestling experience. We would also like to Thank Mr.James Campbell GPW's former Director of Authority for all that he has done for GPW as of 4/26/10 at 4:30pm Mr.Campbell has step down due to Family and job related issues, we all thank you James and you will be missed filling your shoes will not be easy.