knoxville + freeway = 150,000 hits

Knoxville Nibbles

Here we all are in Knoxville, 28 brave souls from Scandinavia - 7 from the ESSS Secretariat - who have run the gauntlet of swine flu and the possible end of civilization as we know it, to attend the International Conference on Neutron Scattering in Tennessee...

Our hotel is very convenient for the huge Knoxville Convention Centre, a purpose-built affair with a capacity of perhaps 4000 people, and my room is on the 10th floor. The lifts are nice and quick however. Well, there is a freeway running in front of the hotel and the serious traffic starts up at about 6 a.m.. I have noticed an interesting "courtesy" behaviour from lorry-drivers. As police cars head down the freeway with their sirens at full-blast, lorries in the vicinity start honking their horns. In sympathy? Well, I now realize that this is a road safety issue to warn traffic downstream (appropriate word!) of the oncoming police car and to take appropriate evasive action. I suppose you eventually get to filter this out during the night.

Colin Carlile, European Spallation Source Scandinavia,, May 8, 2009