Knoxville + Flipping = 331,000 Results

Florida Gators' road trips built on structure

The mechanics of the road trip are harder to prepare for than the actual game. The toughest part of game preparation will be getting the offense ready to work on a silent count because of the noise from the 102,455 at Neyland Stadium.

That can be an intimidating place, but Meyer is relying on the older players to help prepare the ones who have not played there. Senior guard Carl Johnson said the Gators can expect something similar to what he experienced on his first trip to Tennessee in 2008.

"Two years ago we were there and I saw a little 4-year-old kid flipping me off," Johnson said. "I was like, ‘Do you even know what that means? What are you doing?'"

—Michael DiRocco,, Sept. 14, 2010