Knoxville + Fall = 3,560,000 Results


I want Knoxville in my rear view no later than the middle of December.

For those who don't know—because this is the first time I've mentioned it publicly on the internet—I am finally escaping the terrible gravity of the black hole secreted in the center of the Sunsphere, and moving to Baltimore to start my new life. ...

No, I don't think this is crazy and stupid.

Yes, I will miss Knoxville. But not until I've been out of it for at least six months. I never really wanted to live here. And, although Knoxville has been good to me, and I have had many fun adventures and met many wonderful characters, I have tried to escape several times. The black hole at the center of the Sunsphere keeps thwarting my efforts. Not this time, O Collapsed-Black-Sun-Sphere. Not today!

Yes, I will return to Knoxville in the future. Never again to live here, but I will visit. I'm hoping to come in for the UT-UGA game next fall, actually.

The blue one.

— Johnson Underwood,, Sept. 20, 2010