knoxville + ears = 397,000

Have a hot time in February with Big Ears festival

Let's begin by saying we could think of a lot worse places to be in February than Knoxville, Tenn., just on general principles. But if you happen to possess somewhat left-of-center musical tastes, that should pretty much seal the deal for your attendance at the Big Ears festival... So get your ambient, droney, introspective, geek-friendly groove on and soak up some temptingly temperate weather at the same time.

—Jim Allen,, December 25, 2008

Um, temperate? You've obviously never experienced the first weekend of February in Knoxville. Try icy, slushy, muddy, brown, drab, wet, and pretty cold. But, you know, maybe the landscape will fit the music.

—Knoxville Local, December 30, 2008