knoxville + dog friendly = 220,000 hits

Knoxville, Tennessee has announced that it wants to be the most dog-friendly city in the country. That's a very ambitious goal! But they seem to be off to a good start.

Not bad. I visit Knoxville several times a year. I have friends who live there and I usually take my dogs to some dog shows there. The only major complaint I have about the city is that they do have a pet limit inside the city limits and there has been talk of trying to institute a similar pet limit in county areas. There has been some talk of trying to label anyone with four cats and/or dogs as a "kennel" which would require licensing and inspection. LOL Really! Where do they get these ideas? I know lots of people who have a couple of cats and a couple of dogs. That doesn't make them a kennel! I have five dogs and I don't have a kennel. My dogs are all housepets.

— eshever,, July 29, 2009