Knoxville + Deep Doo-doo=10,600 Returns


I was making REALLY good time through Georgia and into Tennessee (*AHEM* which means I hadn't been caught speeding yet) when I started to pull into the outskirts of Knoxville. The landscape was a little hilly, but the traffic was moving right along. I, of course, felt compelled to lead the pack, which had me doing about 90-95mph as I peaked over a hill, and right into the Radar of Mr. Nice Tennessee Highway Patrol man waiting at the bottom of the hill.

Before I could even get passed him, I see his lights flash, and a big cloud of dirt as he spins the car around in the median. I had the split-second Oh-Shit-WhatDoIDo hesitation, but being that I knew I was already in deep doo-doo, and traffic behind me was pretty heavy, I did a dumb thing.... I GOT BACK IN THE THROTTLE.

Now I am no Bo and Luke Duke, who always seem perfectly poised to outrun the local cops. I had no idea about the landscape, and I really didn't want to end up ripped out of my car and splat on the asphalt on the next episode of Why I Ran or Cops (cue cheesy music). But I also knew that he only had a Crown Vic, and my car outpowered him by about 400 horsepower and a few psi of boost pressure.

— Erica Ortiz,, Sept. 16, 2008