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Knoxville Tennessee: The Cream of Tennessee's Crop

With its deep wells of history, charming suburban and rural areas, and excellent universities, Knoxville, TN has something for everyone. Individuals, families, and businesses can find their niche here in the scenic city that is home to an active community.... Moving here is a wise choice since this city provides plenty of urban, suburban, and natural spaces to roam. There are many perks that range from convenience to exceptionality. It homes top-notch restaurants, schools, parks, and other fantastic public facilities....

Though located near the heart of the South, Knoxville is significantly cooler than its neighbors due to its high elevation. The weather is always nice here.... Ask any local about living here and it will be hard to come across any negatives!

Julie Rodrigues,, Feb. 3, 2011.

Donnie Knoxville, February 4, 2011: Has the writer of this piece even been to Knoxville? I am a local, and I have some negative things to say. The short drive to the mountains and the mild climate are about the only things good about living here. The air quality is poor. On most days, one cannot see the mountains. ... Knoxville has a long way to go to becoming the ideal picture of bliss you're describing here.