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Knoxville, TN – Cradle of Country Music

Knoxville is an unpretentious, pretty city of almost 200,000 nestled in the Appalachian mountains of East Tennessee. It is 40 miles from the Great Smoky Mountain National Park, the nation's most visited park. East Tennessee is full of mountain people, Germans, English and Scots-Irish who live in the hills around Knoxville. Its fame comes from its unique mountain culture. Knoxville is one of the central metropolitan areas of Southern Appalachia....

What East Tennessee has in abundance in its rural hills and hollers is hillbilly culture and country music. So, it seems natural that Knoxville claims to be the cradle of country music. It's the biggest city in the region and one with the radio stations where country music has been broadcast for many years....

Knoxville's position at the geographical center of Southern Appalachia makes it a natural draw and focal point for Appalachia's seemingly unlimited supply of musicians.

— Richard Basch,, May 5, 2011